¿Cuáles tendencias en las cadenas de suministro aportan a la responsabilidad social, a las innovaciones y a la sostenibilidad?

Se sabe que las cadenas de suministro, analizadas en menor consideración en sus flujos de materiales, finanzas e informa(...)

Moderated by Jaime Villarreal Arreola,

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Everybody’s talking about resilience, but does anyone know how to apply it? Here are seven principles to help you along the way

 Source -  (...)

Moderated by Sadman Sakib,

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What can you do to integrate the SDGs to your life?

We use the SDGs framework as a catalyst for social change!  We believe that we can help progress the SDGs at local leve(...)

Moderated by Claudia Akel,
Social Impact Movement

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Cómo contribuir al cumplimiento del objetivo 5 desde la planificación local?

Buenas tardes, Acabo de ingresar a esta plataforma,  me parece muy importante y muy valiosa esta herramienta brindada .(...)

Moderated by Mixy Paredes Armas,

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Local 2030 explainer video and citizen lobbying toolkit?

Does Local 2030 have an "explainer video" for local government leaders similar to the excellent explainer video that WBC(...)

Moderated by Sam Hummel,
Durham NC Resident

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To happen locally, Agenda 2030 needs to be sufficiently funded. A clear financial strategy is needed at all levels, incl(...)

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One year after the adoption of the 2030 Agenda, ha...

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