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Identify areas relevant to your territory, community, political agenda or project and discover tools that can be tailored to your needs. The tools can be adapted to different settings, contexts and development challenges.

Flexible. Simple. Yet Concrete.

This Toolbox does not hold rigid guides, nor one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, it has practical, adaptable mechanisms and instruments, which address various development challenges. The resources empower local actors and help you channel global goals into local actions.

The search for the most appropriate tools and strategies for ‘localizing’ the SDGs is critical to the design, implementation, review and success of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The tools you find here may be employed in heterogeneous and complex settings, where political, institutional, economic and social characteristics differ — not only between countries, but between territories of the same country, or even within parts of a specific territory. These guides are developed considering a wide variety of regional experiences, with different stakeholders strengthening them with inputs.

Our focus is to be simple, providing applicable guidance in changing environments. It is also to remain flexible, yet concrete. We work to provide practical direction in assessing, planning, implementing and monitoring local policies, in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals’ attainment strategies.

Using The Toolbox


Determine your current role, and identify the stage your initiative is at.


Look through the list of tools and choose the ones that seem most relevant to you. Apart from the main tools and guides we have showcased, there is also a whole library of documents that could be important to you, so don’t forget to browse those.


Share your insights, experiences and questions with this community.


Start using the tools for your program, and help implement and monitor the SDGs at the local level.

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