Paraná Hub

​This hub, hosted by the Paraná state government, is focused on supporting all municipalities within the state in localizing the SDGs. Municipalities are moreover supported in reporting on SDG implementation.

Liverpool 2030hub

​The 2030hub seeks to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs by fostering sustainable entrepreneurship. In addition to a co-working space, the hub offers support to businesses and non-profit initiatives with a focus on the SDGs and related impact investing.

Shizuoka Hub

The Shizuoka hub, hosted by the local government, is focused on: 1) raising awareness on the SDGs and engaging with other cities; 2) promoting the SDGs among citizens, businesses, and schools; and 3) Incorporating the SDGs into the city’s five general policies and developing local indicators.

Hawai'i Green Growth Hub

​This hub develops local solutions to global sustainability challenges, building on island culture and values, and indigenous knowledge. With the Global Island Partnership, this hub highlights islands as laboratories for innovation that catalyze and scale integrated ridge-to-reef projects, cutting across the energy, water, food, and urban nexus.

Sahel Hub

This hub, to be officially launched in early 2019, will be hosted by SOS SAHEL. It will focus on the local-level promotion of climate resilience, evergreen agriculture and sustainable livelihoods for agricultural outgrower communities. 

Cómo Vamos Hub

​This hub is a network comprised of 35 Colombian municipalities—representing 20 million people. The network supports SDG monitoring and sharing of best practices on monitoring.

Malmö Local Ocean Action Hub

The focus of the City of Malmö's hub - the Malmö Local Ocean Action Hub - is on coastal cities, oceans, ocean literacy and the effect of land-based activity on marine and coastal environments.

Local 2030 - Sweden Hub

The Sweden Local 2030 Hub is a comprehensive and proactive hub for capacity building in inclusive and sustainable urban development focusing on local implementation (SDG11) for more equal societies (SDG5 &10) through multi-stakeholder cooperation (SDG17). The purpose of the hub is twofold, geographically it will be a platform to gather Swedish experiences of local implementation of the 2030 Agenda. Thematically, the hub will improve inter-regional and North-South collaboration and highlight local challenges and local solutions in adapting the SDGs to local governance and urban settings.