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TERRINCLUS - Methodological guide for international cooperation in the field of sustainable and inclusive local development

Guidance and systemization of experiences

Convinced of the importance of developing quality cooperation projects in the field of sustainable and inclusive local development, the Assembly of French Departments conducted an action-research approach on this theme from 2013 to March 2017. At present, the Departments can draw inspiration from this work to initiate and set up their own cooperation projects in this field. Indeed, in 2013, the Assembly of French Departments undertook a research-action initiative to promote good international cooperation practices in this field. This study phase was based on the analysis of 27 sustainable and inclusive local development projects carried out by local authorities or by associations or NGOs linked to local authorities. These analyzes led to the preparation of a methodological guide for the construction of a program of international cooperation in the field of social action, Acting in cooperation for sustainable and inclusive local development (March 2015). A new phase, called TERRINCLUS, has been set up. The approach had three objectives: • To promote the implementation of projects in the field of access to rights, the fight against vulnerabilities and exclusions. • Improve the modalities for the construction, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of international cooperation projects in the field of economic and social inclusion. • Supply the UNDP-UN-Habitat and Global Taskforce toolkit for the implementation of the SDGs at the local level based on the innovative experiences of TERRINCLUS. This stage resulted in the publication of capitalization sheets of pilot projects carried out by different actors (Departments, Cities, Associations and NGOs). The purpose of these fiches is to equip the Departments and the partner actors with the necessary support to concretely and effectively engage in new projects that promote the socio-professional integration of people in precarious situations. The pilot projects carried out and studied within TERRINCLUS are all good practices that can facilitate the implementation of the Sustainable Development Objectives in the different territories of the world.

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