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Canterbury Sustainable Development Goal Forum: Initial reports on local implementation of the Goals

Case studies and best practices

One of the merits of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which were adopted by the United Nations in 2015, is that they provide a globally shared framework for thinking about the challenges facing every country and every locality. We live in an interconnected world where we can survive only by working together across borders, but the work for sustainable development has to start at the local level. That is why we have set up the Canterbury SDG Forum, a coalition of individuals and representatives of local organisations, to look at what we can do to advance the global agenda. We have identified a number of areas where the SDGs, and the more specific targets within them, have a particular local relevance, and where we feel that there are levers we can pull to get things done. We have begun by writing short reports in which we aim to analyse the issues and to identify what needs to be done. What follows here are nine reports. We see them as ‘live’ documents which we shall continue to update as we attempt to put them into effect.

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