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Inference of Policy Priorities for Sustainable Development: The Subnational Case of Mexico


This report is part of the series "Sustainable Development in Mexico: innovative solutions to strengthen evidence-based decision-making", which consists of three documents that are the result of the efforts of the UNDP office in Mexico in the framework of the Initiative of “Priorities of Policy for Sustainable Development”, implemented by UNDP Mexico in 2019. As part of this project, the model of Inference of Policy Priorities was adapted to the context of the SDGs and piloted in Mexico. The IPP allows, among other things: • Prospectively analyzing the feasibility of goals over time; • Identify accelerator nodes to achieve the stated goals. “The Subnational Case of Mexico”, the third document in this series, reports the retrospective priorities of the federal entities and the results of the feasibility analysis of goals provided by five Mexican states.

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