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Inspirational guide SDG monitoring and reporting for local governments


As a government, you not only want to implement policy. You also want to monitor the results of your activities, know whether you are doing the right things and whether your policy is contributing to a positive evolution in your municipality, for example in the areas of poverty, climate and economic development. You also want to show your employees and citizens what you are doing. Monitoring and reporting are therefore crucial and the sustainability framework of Agenda 2030, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), offers interesting possibilities for putting this into practice. Every municipality, regardless of its size or SDG maturity, can do SDG monitoring and reporting. This inspirational guide is based on experiences within the Flemish local contxt (Belgium) and offers ways to monitor and report on the SDGs in a useful way in the different phases of the local policy cycle (planning, implementation, evaluation and adjustment), supplemented with inspiration from practice.

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