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Progress report. Locating the ODS in the Canary Islands

Guidance and systemization of experiences

THE PARLIAMENT OF THE CANARY ISLANDS POINTS OUT THE PATH TO ACHIEVE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OBJECTIVES The Parliament of the Canary Islands, with the unanimous support of parliamentary groups and the close collaboration of public administrations and non-governmental organizations, has defined a good practice for locating Sustainable Development Goals in the Canary Islands. The uniqueness of this experience lies in the clear and simple definition of the role that Parliaments and Governments can play in the 2030 Agenda. When Parliament locates the SDGs, the road is marked, while governments, Through the alignment process, they define the actions that will allow achieving the SDGs. The Parliament of the Canary Islands in collaboration with ART-UNDP will present all the experience developed during two years of work and will provide a working guide for those institutions that are interested in developing a similar experience.

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Guidance and systemization of experiences

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