Jorge Diaz
  • Consultor
  • Mexico, Mexico
  • 2


  • Conceptual, Empirical and Practical use of know-how, by linking research to project development. More than fifty projects developed starting in 1990.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative data management, using updated versions of software such as; SPSS, GIS, AutoCAD Map through the whole cycle of project management (planning, design, implementation and control and monitoring). I have used from econometric modeling, conceptual mapping, up to ethnographic surveys and prioritize infographic synthesis for report presentation.
  • Multi-Stakeholders networking including local government officials, NGO staff, private business owners, international development agencies, and civil society leaders. Communication tools and negotiation skills used to reach agreements in a cost-effective way. Some projects included interacting with more than a hundred people both at meeting rooms and on the field and using english and spanish on my own and translation services from/to other languages as Polish and Russian.
  • Partnership development embracing scientific know-how, a legal binding framework, funding support, empowerment of local community for project management and ownership and fostering political commitment. Broad understanding of each of these domains for a comprehensive approach.
  • Global scope of tasks including both developed and developing countries (Peru, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, South Africa, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Poland) starting in 1986
  • Engagement of local community within the whole cycle of project management. Groups whom I have interacted with include indigenous people, women and local community leaders.
  • Sensitiveness for technical assistance within fragile contexts, and according to standard operating protocols. Some scenarios I have worked at include; Post-earthquake in Mexico (1985), Post-earthquake in Peru (2007), Post-earthquake and Tsunami in Chile (2010).
  • Budget Management and fundraising amongst international development agencies such as; CDKN, Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation, COSUDE, HOPE Worldwide. Funding goes from 10,000-100,000 US.
  • Passion for adventures in challenging scenarios. I am looking forward to meet people and places either in Asia, Africa and Oceania, although I have more experience in America and Europe.

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Tercera Conferencia Internacional en Reducción del...

The 3rd DRR aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and young researchers to share their experie(...)

Posted by Jorge Diaz,

Organized by Universidad de Varsovia

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