Dennis Ekwere
  • Children and Young People Living for Peace
  • Kaduna , Nigeria
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 I am a social blogger and the focal person of youth focused voluntary movement in Nigeria. I work in poor and local communities in Nigeria to nexus SDGs with hard to reach people and communities.  I work with formal and informal youth groups in local communities and I do this by localizing, interpreting and translating what SDGs means and how everybody can benefit  from it. 

My aim is to learn and upscale what I am doing. Simplify, step down the message at grass root level and help spread the message such that no one is left behind. I desire to meet like minded people here, share local experience across board and build synergy for future colloboration. Beieving strongly that if I play my part with you, togther we call achieve Agenda 2030 together. 

That is why I am here. I am open. 

 Visit my works here -

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Posted by Dennis Ekwere,
Children and Young People Living for Peace

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