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This initiative is evolving, and actors like you are sharing these resources. You will find here the documents and tools collected so far.

The JMDI Handbook: A Bottom-up Approach

Guidance and systemization of experiences , Available in Français Español

This handbook on ‘Migration for Development: A bottom-up approach’ provides solid evidence for better planning and management of migration interventions, such as by assessing what works, under what conditions, where and why. It is the result of an encompassing codification exercise by the Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) to draw lessons from over fifty Migration and Development projects funded by the JMDI which were carried out in sixteen countries. The aims of the handbook are to understand the methodologies and strategies by which civil society actors implement M&D actions, the kind of opportunities they create for their beneficiaries and the kind of stakeholders they involve. The handbook has been designed as a “toolbox” for practitioners and policymakers alike. Each chapter illustrates alternative or complementary options that actors can choose from when setting up their own migration and development projects.

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