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I LOVE <a href="">101 GANG!</a>

Municipal Performance Mandala for local indicators
Developed by Confederación Nacion...

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¿Cómo medir indicadores en la localización de los...

Brasilia, Brazil

El sistema de Mandala de Desempeño Municipal de los ODS en los Municipios Brasileños  Descripción de la Metodología, de(...)

Posted by Santiago Martin,

How the civil society is organized in Brazil for t...

Brasilia, Brazil

Charter of Principles and Organizational Model of the SDGs Brazil Network. WHO WE ARE? The SDGs Brazil Network is a su(...)

Posted by Santiago Martin,

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The Arcadia Institute, in association with the ODS State Nucleus / We Can, has the honor of inviting you to participate(...)

Posted by Santiago Martin,

Organized by Movimiento Nacional de los ODS

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